About Me

Hi there, I’m Mitchell Ryann.

If you haven’t already guessed, I’m a graphic designer living in Oregon! I’m in my mid-twenties, and I boast a degree from UCSF in Graphic Design (with a minor in journalism, because why not?).

Graphic design is all around us. It’s everywhere from online to on walls to on the products we buy. Design has always intrigued me in that way: how it can influence the decisions you make and how it can make you feel some type of way about something you would otherwise have no opinion about.

My whole life centers around graphic design – which is what I not only do for work but for fun in my free time to make a little extra cash on the side – and understandably my friends are totally tired of hearing me talk about it, so I decided to start a blog instead!

This blog will be mostly about graphic design; I’ll talk about the basics and also little quirky things I obsess over! Maybe you’ll catch me critiquing some particularly good – or really bad – graphic design on here too!

Anyhow, I’m going to ramble on a little more about myself for now…

What I like:

I’m very picky when it comes to the kind of design I enjoy. I usually find myself gravitating toward more simple and sleek designs, but that might be because minimalism is in fashion right now. Not only is it in fashion but minimalistic design can totally help drive people to buy products (especially when it comes to online platforms!). My mind always is moving a thousand miles a minute – which is the same with a lot of people – so it feels refreshing when a product or site is simple, clean, and easy to interact with.

On the flip side of this, I like maximalist design. I mostly like this in interior settings and – at times – in fashion. Sometimes when a lot is going on it makes a design more interesting. The maximalist design I like the most usually comes in the form of informational posters that are intended more as art pieces – Popchartlabs has a lot of great pieces that look like this. A great representation of maximalist in interior design can be found on any of Ben Kling‘s social media platforms as he posts a lot of photos of his apartment in NYC (you can even rent a room there on Airbnb).

Other hobbies:

My other hobbies that don’t 100% gravitate around design are mostly centered around music! I love going to live music – both festivals, smaller shows, and house shows – and I love collecting records, cassettes, and CDs (which is both because I love music and I love the design).

I also spend a lot of time outside! Seeing that I live in the Pacific Northwest, I spend a lot of time in the outdoors along with most of the people who live up here! If I’m not hunched over my tablet designing or at a show you can usually find me trying to chill out on a trail!

What I do:

Obviously,, I run this blog! Haha! But I also work full-time as a graphic designer for a marketing firm in Oregon! I do work on the side too so if you have any graphic design needs, feel free to reach out to me!

Mitchell Ryann