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Why Graphic Designers Should Participate in Sex Chat Rooms

It seems like a strange recommendation, but if you're a graphic designer, sex chat rooms might the right place for you. We'll explain it all below.

Connect With Like-Minded People

Just like in real life, online sex chat rooms, such as, have users and they have interests. If you are looking for a place to share the things you love with like-minded people, sex chats provide an easy way to connect with them. You don't just talk to people who are physically there. You can also talk to people online, who are usually from different geographical locations.

Besides, what better way to get to know people than by talking about something they have a passion for? If you have a great design job or you want to make a successful design career, then people in sex chat rooms are your best bet for becoming a recognized figure in the design world.

Besides, it's fun. You get new people every day, and you can chat with them just because you want to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that people in the sex chat rooms are not professional enough in their business. Some of them may actually work for renowned companies. But even people who work at big companies chat about a bunch of different topics. They just love having fun.

Sharing Your Work

There are two different reasons for why graphic designers get involved in sex chat rooms. The first one is sharing the things they love that they create. Designing is a creative activity. You may not be an artist, but people still admire and appreciate the things that you make. Why not put those things out there for people who might be able to learn from your experience?

The second reason is business. You may not sell things on the street and have huge customers demanding what you've made, but you still might make a living as a graphic designer! That, of course, depends on how you market yourself. But sex chat rooms can be a powerful tool when it comes to branding yourself.

Have Lots of Fun

Sex chats in particular have a strong sense of community. That means that people tend to talk to each other a lot, and it's not hard to get people chatting. It's like having a very intense game of pool. You can tell how much people care about each other by how much they respond to each other's messages. That's like being in a very social environment where the focus is on you and how you are doing.

You're always with people. It's always fun. Whether you like it or not though, you get a lot of messages from people trying to get into your pants. Now, you need to have your filters set high so that you don't get tempted to jump into bed with every person who contacts you.


Yes, graphic designers should definitely be on sex chat rooms. All of us need to interact with people of all sorts. If you work for a high-end company and your designs can't stand on their own, then you shouldn't be ashamed to share them with people. People in sex chat rooms may or may not be professional. But just remember that graphic designers shouldn't be embarrassed of what they create. People who actually do work in the field may even find something in your work that they use to further their careers.

Besides, your job is hard. You need to be creative every day. And it's fun. So why not take some time off and get some fresh air while having fun with other people who share your passions?


Learning To Make Erotic Art

If you are new to art and just need a few brushstrokes, you will find a wide selection of free lessons here. I strongly recommend that you post your work on the Pixel forums to get advice from other artists and to have great opportunities to improve your techniques. If you work with watercolors in Photoshop, you will find I've covered you, and if you complete your first drawings, you will find me too. Reading to try out some of my techniques and pinups, like a pro, but being able to see millions of people can be as important as the actual art itself. 

The Work of Amalia Russiello

The Italian artist Amalia Russiello ventures into a new adventure: Her works recall the bustling art of the Renaissance and lend unusual naked women a touch of modernity and humor. The drawings are inspired by pictures on Instagram of girls not afraid to strip and assert female desire and sexuality, which she claims show us "the emancipated." We are used to seeing contemporary sexual images, not vintage, but she uses the same drawing style that we see in contemporary art and even more so in modern art in general. 

How Can Erotic Artwork Help People?

The American art historian Carol Duncan sums it up as follows: "More than any other subject, the nude could demonstrate the male erotic energy that art carries. Using the literary art form to acknowledge this fact, as the characters learn to grow sexually honest with each other and to appreciate and enjoy them, along with the growth of marriage, results in interesting, useful and perhaps beautiful work. Perhaps art can help people feel more comfortable and confident with their own sexuality."

Finding Erotic Art Jobs

Upwork is advertising for creative artwork jobs, so really hunt for erotic opportunities on this site. I was hired to specialize in erOTica covers, and I'm really excited to get you involved for a job on my site and in the Pixel forums. 

Tell An Interesting Story

Creating erotic art can be a fun and rewarding endeavor, but as with any genre, there are rules the author must abide by. If you want to paint something with a theme, then set about making an erosica piece. The best erotic artists are able to create sex scenes at any time, anywhere and everywhere. They know that no matter how great the sex is, you have to tell a solid story well if you want to capture the reader's interest. When you look at some of the top members on video chat sites like, it's obvious they're putting work in to make their content more than just sexual, but artistic as well.

How To Improve Your Art

The best way to improve your skills is to get feedback from other erotic artists, so remember which style you choose. Knowing how to shade your art is good, and so I go beyond what I know in this tutorial. 

Erotic Art in Museums

Museums around the world are full of images of naked figures, and if you look at the Wellcome Collection of Art in the UK, you will see a number of images that have a sex connection. This means that erotic art is about more than just sex; it is interesting to explore and analyze it from a psychological point of view. If you take fetish porn and look at the chemistry and context behind it, it can be interesting to see how scenes can change from trashy porn to watercolor art in minutes or even hours. If your work is erotic, then you need to depict sex, but the exploration and analysis of psychological aspects is interesting.

When you finish the tour, you will find that there is more to erotic art than you think, and it is clear that there is more to it than is openly visible. Morals and the connection to sexuality pervade art history and the Bebe Let us come to the difference between the art of pornography. I realise that erotic art is about more than sexuality, but it is part of a much larger and much more complex art form. 

The History of Erotic Art

Japanese erotic art, writes Majella Munro in the guide, "Palaeolithic cave paintings and carvings are the oldest surviving examples of erotic depictions. Many cultures have created erotic art, but ancient Shunga proves that pleasure and pleasure are not available, and this is nothing new. There are comic drawings of ancient shungas that can be understood in terms of both their sexual and erotic content."

My Final Thoughts

The definition of erotic art is somewhat subjective and dependent on context, as is art itself and what is erotic. Whether or not a case is obscene depends on the Community competence in which it was presented. 

If a pose serves as a template for an artist's work, they are free to choose what they see and change their art in whatever way they choose, no matter how unflattering it may feel. Yet we have a responsibility to politely exclude what we find inappropriate erotic in a professional art environment. It would be hypocritical to treat them differently, even if some question their appropriateness in the context of a public art exhibition. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Moon & Back Graphics

1)  Why the name Moon & Back Graphics?

My favorite expression to family members is 'I love you to the moon and back'.  Therefore, when I started this little adventure many years ago it was my way of honoring my family.

2)  Why do you no longer offer a lot of link ware?

There are several reasons for this but the primary reason is that it the terms of use were so often abused.  Many times we even found entire web sites containing our sets with other's logos on each set! 

As discouraging as that has become we can not stop offering it altogether as we have met so many wonderful folks over the years who do use our link ware. 

We thank all those who have always used it according to the terms.

3) Why do you use so much photography?

First, because photography is my passion.  Second, because when I use my own photography I do not have to worry about copyright issues. 

We found, sad to say, that almost every time we purchased photography to use from some stock photo site they would then change their terms and not allow it to be used for web set construction. 

I have folders of unused photos I purchased only to have the company change their terms of use.

4) Why do you not offer tutoring and/or help with setting up pages?

First, because of time constraints.  Second, there are many sites out there that offer WONDERFUL helps in how to set up a website and list ALL the tools and helps you could possibly need.

Just use your search engine and you'll find a HOST of great sites that do a much better job of tutoring than I ever could.  Third, we do include the HTML in all our web sets for THAT web set.  We believe this is a BIG help to most folks.

5) What about security on your site?

This is a tough question.  Perhaps somewhere out there there is a security program that will FULLY protect the contents of a website. 

However, after purchasing and experimenting with several and doing as much research as I can I have not found any (within a reasonable price range) that does not have at least ONE glitch. 

We do secure our pages to the best of our ability but no system is foolproof to the person without any ethics.

6) What cameras do you use?

I have several but my current favorites are my Sony 350A, 14.2 pixel and my Sony 100a.


3 Free Sites to Learn Graphic Design

Learning just the basics of graphic design are almost necessary skills you ought to acquire whether you’re looking for a job, trying to take on new responsibilities within your company, or further the success of your own small business.

With the internet being the main avenue for shopping and advertising, it is now more important than ever to have not only a functioning website but one that is visually pleasing and aesthetically beautiful.

You can either hire a graphic designer for hundreds (even thousands) of dollars, or you can learn the skill yourself.

Fortunately, the internet is saturated with a wealth of information so that you don’t have to go to art school to master the use of photoshop.

So, if you want to learn how to change a photo from color to greyscale or how to design every inch of your website or do anything in between you should check out these sites for free lessons in graphic design:


If you are looking to master Adobe’s range of creative software, you should take a peek at this YouTube channel.

TastyTuts has some seriously helpful video tutorials providing everything from tips and tricks to full breakdowns of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

One of my favorite things is the break down of graphic design basics into a 45-episode series.

This series dives into Design theory which is crucial for understanding what is pleasing to the eye and what makes for good design and flow.

They also have other multi-episode courses on how to design for print and do photo manipulations in Photoshop.

This channel is updated often, usually weekly.


This other YouTube Channel provides a wealth of information on how to achieve certain effects in photoshop.

They go through techniques such as a color transition in animation, minimalist graphic design, and glossy text and give you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this.

They also focus on designing logos and packaging for products which is helpful if you are designing for your own business or working on a product. They provide Logo design tutorials that are aesthetically pleasing in effort to provide you with some inspiration in your design process.

This channel is updated often, usually weekly.


If you are a less audio-visual learner and prefer things to be spelled out for you, look to Alison for free online courses in not only graphic design but in other fields too!

Type “graphic design” into the search bar and watch as hundreds of free lessons pop up.

These lessons are more lengthy than the aforementioned YouTube tutorials, but are totally worth it if you are used to a university lecturing style.

They are rated on their quality on a 5 star scale by previous viewers and you can view how long the lessons are along the bottom of the lesson card as well, so you know what you’re getting yourself into!

This site features lessons on product design and other practical uses for design, the kind of lesson you might get in a marketing or advertising class. They additionally provide lessons on other programs like Adobe After Effects, Flash, and SketchUp.

Learn more about graphic design from the video below!


MoonandGraphics Tips Section

PLEASE NOTE: These tips are offered as a courtesy.  We do hope that they will be of some help. We will update them as we find things we think might be of general help. Please do not write for further help as we are a business and time does not allow us to offer individual assistance.  Thank you.

In this section I will try to give a few 'tips' that help me.  Of course everyone has their way of setting up a web site, using a web set, etc.  So these are JUST tips. 

There are so many great places to go on line to get GOOD Html help, etc.  They will be written as if everyone who reads them is a 'rookie' just getting started.  

If  you are not already familiar with how to use a 'search engine' to search the web for what you want try one like Google where you can search for help sites.  For example, simply type in HTML help and see all the sites that come up!

BEST TIP OF ALL:  Be sure to always backup your files on a separate disk or drive.  All your important files and also the copies of the zip files we send to you.  

1)  WEB SPACE:  If you are ordering a set and DO NOT YET HAVE A WEB SITE ... please know that what you are ordering is a page of graphics to put ON TO a webspace.  This is NOT the actual web space.  You need to find and set up a site at someplace like Yahoo (one of the easiest, in my opinion, to learn with) or any of the MANY other places to have either free space or purchase space (no ads).  THEN you can upload the web set you buy to your space.  A few times over our 10 years of having a graphics site we have had someone order a set and then found they think they are getting a 'web site' and that it 'goes on the web' without them doing anything.

2)  DOMAIN NAMES: If you do not want free space and if you DO WANT to choose your very own name to appear in your web site address (like ours, then you need to purchase a domain name.  That means you are purchasing the right to be the ONLY one using THAT name for however long your contract determines.  Again, simply type DOMAIN NAMES in the search engine and see how that comes up!  One that many uses is GO DADDY.

3)  ZIP PROGRAM:  You need a zip program in order to purchase almost everything over the Internet.  Perhaps one came with your computer.  Like Winzip.  If you use a Windows operating system that is what you need in order to open a zipped file (also enables you to zip files!) You can Google the word WINZIP and see all the sites offering it that come up!  Most offer a trial version but if you intend to do a lot on the Internet you will eventually want to purchase the program to install permanently on your computer.

4)  OUR ZIPPED FILES:  when we send you a zipped file it will contain everything you need to produce the page just as you see it when you purchase it. 

Then you can add whatever you want, remove any items you don't need, and put the page on your site.  You can use the page over and over in as many ways as you wish as many times as you wish. 

You just can't 'share it with another' or sell it.  You may, of course, purchase sets to give as gifts if you are not going to use it. 

Many do this.  OPEN THE ZIPPED FILE and you will see a folder containing all the graphics and an index.html page. 

If you click on the index page (big blue e) it will open the page up for you on your computer ]... when you do this then go to the top of your browser and click on VIEW and then VIEW SOURCE and you will see the HTML for the page.

5)  A HINT:  so many have found that the easiest way to set up your file directory (once you have your site you'll know what a file directory is) is to keep each page in it's own folder.  These are called subfolders. 

Our pages come to you that way.  You do not have to keep it in the folder ... BUT you will have to rename the index.html to some other name if you do not keep them in their folders. 

BUT ... keeping each page in its folder makes it SO EASY to revise the page, remove the page, etc.

To link to the pages that are in folders you just need to include the name of the folder in the tag line.  For example: ... in this example evensong is the name of the folder. 

You will see more help on how to do this in your file directory if you are located at Yahoo or some such space that offers help.  

6)  WEBMASTER:  If you want a site but do not have the time or desire to set it up yourself then you will need a webmaster.  (someone who sets up and maintains a site for others)  Again, use your search engine to find a good one. 

WEBMASTER:  I have found someone that I feel I can recommend.  This lady has been a client for years and a couple years back set up her own webmastering business and is currently taking new clients. 

I have nothing to do with her site financially or otherwise other than to be able to recommend you visit her if you need a quality webmaster.  Her name is Heaven Lord and her site is  Contact her from there to inquire about any needs you may have.