Blogging is the route a lot of people take when it comes to having a side-hustle or promoting their business further – or they might just be shouting into the void, but usually, people who want their blog’s readers have a purpose.

Not only does the content of a blog matter, but the design plays a huge role in keeping people interested long enough to read much less become a long-time reader or subscriber. For instance: if your blog is bogged down with too many ads or pop-ups people aren’t going to bother slowing down their PC or waiting for your site to load to read your content (here’s looking at you recipe blogs).

Here are a few beautifully designed blogs that do a great job of using design to target their intended audience:

Design for Mankind

It’s only natural that this site run by a designer is beautiful and easy to navigate. Without having to click off from the first page, you can get a pretty decent idea of who the blogger is as she has a tiny about section toward the bottom of her page as well as a list of accolades – much like a writer’s blurb on the back of a book.

Her blog is mostly about her life and design as communicated through interesting essays.

The Everygirl

If you’re a business-minded woman, then you definitely will love this blog. It’s attractively designed with great use of white space.

The richly colored and carefully curated photos give off an idealized Instagrammy vibe that you might want to one day achieve once you’ve reached your financial goals.

This blog focuses on women in the business world with tabs across the top that lead to content about career and finance and fashion (some of these topics overlap in works about office attire). They also have articles about travel and wellness!

Seth’s Blog

Seth definitely knows who his audience is. It’s not those who desire to be Instagram famous in some capacity or who are looking for long-form essays; it’s those who want to read this writer’s blog. He’s an educator, and his blog reflects that by being a simple WordPress powered blog with small pops of color that don’t distract from his posts.

While many people may not consider this design particularly gorgeous or groundbreaking, it does it’s job by functioning well, not distracting from the content, and fading into the background.


If you’re like the rest of us your attention span is pretty short (as short as a goldfish in fact), and you skim most of the content you read online… well, thank god for TheSkimm! This site is mostly for those who want to get the day’s news in bite-sized pieces.

You can choose to get it emailed to you, or you can go to their site and read slightly more in-depth blurbs about the top stories making headlines on any given day.

They also have content about money, career, and taxes all listed under a tab labeled “Live Smarter.”

Their simple and sleek design lends itself to the professional who doesn’t have time to waste reading between the lines.