We reserve the right to alter or change our terms.

Please check back from time to time.

When you purchase a web set you are purchasing the LICENSE TO USE the web set only… the copyright for the graphics and content of the set remains with Moon and Back.

You are welcome to use the set over and over as many times as you like on either a personal or commercial web site.  You may alter the layout, use only the items you need, and other such changes. 

You may NOT alter the graphics by any means such as sizing them, coloring them, etc.  You may not use them in conjunction with any other web designers work.  You may not resell the set or graphics in any format whatsoever. 

They are not yours to give away … only to use for your own use.

Of course, you are welcome to buy a set for another as a gift … this happens often. 

They make a lovely gift for a friend, etc.  The important thing to remember is that the license is for ONE USER ONLY.