Design Services

While this site is not my professional website, I figured that some of you are reading this while looking for a graphic designer or help with design. Below I’ve listed the services I offer! Feel free to reach out to me if what you need is not on this list and we can further discuss pricing and what you need!

Logo Design

Company Logos are one of the most important parts of brand recognission for your business. Logos are easily recognizable and make your brand stand out amongst your competetors.


Make your site look current and well designed with a Favicon. No more awkward gray boxes or question marks in the corner of browsers on your site!

Website Design

Your website is probably the first impression most people will have of your business, so make sure that your site is well designed and up to date with the latest graphic design trends.

I will design a custom site for you that’s easy to navigate!

Tshirt Design

Do you need merchandise for your company? Well, Tshirts are a great way to get some free advertising, make your employees look well put together, or as swag for you and your employees.

I also do sweatshirts, hats, and other promotional items. Reach out to me, and we can discuss a package that works for your business!

Window Graphics

Brick and mortar stores can blend into the background if they aren’t decorated in a way that makes them stand out amongst the other stores on the block! I’ll design a window decal for your business that will make it a standout on the street.

Trade Show Display

Going to a trade show? Need a display? I’ve got you covered! Reach out to me, and we can discuss what you need to succeed at your next trade show. Stand out amongst other flashy booths with the help of my clean, minimalist design.

POS Display

What makes a product stand out amongst the rest on the shelves or against all the other things near the register? Great packaging design of course!

We can work together to create a fantastic POS display that will have plenty of customers picking up your product in stores!

Brochure Design

Need to get the word out about your business, services, products, or a cause? Well, I can help you create a beautiful brochure that will help your target audience fully understand what you’re all about.

Business card & Resume Design package

Looking to market yourself to potential employers but your resume is lacking? Are your business cards a little too Patrick Bateman for your taste? Well, don’t worry! I’ll help you wow potential employers with beautifully designed resumes and business cards!

Vehicle Wrap

Nothing catches people’s attention on the road like a wrapped company car! Together we can design a wrap for your company vehicle that will help you get some free advertising while driving around town or to your next job!

Tutorials, Troubleshooting, and Tutoring

If you have any questions about Photoshop, InDesign, or other Adobe Suite products or need help with your graphic design course in school, I’m more than happy to help tutor you in person or over Skype!