Becoming a successful graphic designer in a world where everybody has the tools for creation is not an easy task. It takes practice, hours of frustration, dealing with customer feedback, and a million other factors that are going to shape you into an experienced designer.

But before all of that, let’s take a look at what you can do to get a headstart over your competition.


You won’t be able to claim the title of a ‘great graphic designer’ if you’re bad at it. Nobody is going to be good at anything the first time they try it, especially when it comes to graphic design (or design software in general).

So, the first thing you’re going to want to undertake is your first solo project. Not a project for school or anything like that; just for you. See how far you can test yourself before you lose it and give up – it’s a good exercise one of the own teachers taught me.

It helps you learn about yourself and weeds out all of the people who don’t have a knack for it. Anyway, this first project you create will eventually be shown on your portfolio, so make sure it’s something you’re proud of. And even if you aren’t proud of your work, you can still rest easy knowing that you’re getting better and better every time.

Show Off

Once you have a decent amount of half-good designs to show off, you’re going to need an online portfolio. This is important for two reasons; one is because looking at your old work and learning from it can be one of the best methods to use for an inexperienced artist.

The webpage you create should be designed with simplicity and fluidity in mind. The last thing you want as a graphic designer is a client scrolling through an ugly website, trying to differentiate between your logos, your graphics, and your title page.

Everything you have on there should stand out in its own way, and it’s a good rule of thumb to put your best two pieces out on display first – otherwise, potential clients could lose interest before they even see the good stuff.


By using Instagram and it’s paid promotional tools, you can gain quite a bit of attention. A lot of the amateur graphic designers are using platforms like these to show local people what they’re made of.

And trust me when I say it works. This article isn’t some paid advertisement for booted Instagram posts either, I mean it. I had a buddy of mine who was a videographer, and after just a few paid promotional ads, he ended up getting three customers in a single week.

Working people are looking for graphic designers to help them promote their vision and keep their company thriving, so when they see a local graphic designer with a decent amount of skill behind them, they’re going to take the bait.


By making yourself present in the world of online advertisements, you can skyrocket your success in the graphic design field – well, if you’re good enough that is.

Good luck out there everyone, and happy designing!