Moon & Back Graphics

1)  Why the name Moon & Back Graphics?

My favorite expression to family members is ‘I love you to the moon and back’.  Therefore, when I started this little adventure many years ago it was my way of honoring my family.

2)  Why do you no longer offer a lot of link ware?

There are several reasons for this but the primary reason is that it the terms of use were so often abused.  Many times we even found entire web sites containing our sets with other’s logos on each set! 

As discouraging as that has become we can not stop offering it altogether as we have met so many wonderful folks over the years who do use our link ware. 

We thank all those who have always used it according to the terms.

3) Why do you use so much photography?

First, because photography is my passion.  Second, because when I use my own photography I do not have to worry about copyright issues. 

We found, sad to say, that almost every time we purchased photography to use from some stock photo site they would then change their terms and not allow it to be used for web set construction. 

I have folders of unused photos I purchased only to have the company change their terms of use.

4) Why do you not offer tutoring and/or help with setting up pages?

First, because of time constraints.  Second, there are many sites out there that offer WONDERFUL helps in how to set up a website and list ALL the tools and helps you could possibly need.

Just use your search engine and you’ll find a HOST of great sites that do a much better job of tutoring than I ever could.  Third, we do include the HTML in all our web sets for THAT web set.  We believe this is a BIG help to most folks.

5) What about security on your site?

This is a tough question.  Perhaps somewhere out there there is a security program that will FULLY protect the contents of a website. 

However, after purchasing and experimenting with several and doing as much research as I can I have not found any (within a reasonable price range) that does not have at least ONE glitch. 

We do secure our pages to the best of our ability but no system is foolproof to the person without any ethics.

6) What cameras do you use?

I have several but my current favorites are my Sony 350A, 14.2 pixel and my Sony 100a.