These are the top 5 teen dating apps you NEED to try

Dating apps are how most people are finding love, fuck buddies, and everything in between. Online dating started out as something for the single and lonely and most likely aging, but gone are those days! Now teens are taking over the dating sites. Which means you’re in luck if you’re into younger girls! These girls are fresh onto the dating scene, unlike some of the older women you might find on sites like or EHarmony! So, instead of sticking with apps like that, you’re going to have to get with the times if you want your dating pool to include hot, young, naked teen girls. Here are the top 5 apps you NEED to join if you’re feining for the barely legal:

1. Skout
This app feels like a total throwback to the good ol’ days of Omegle. Like that random chat site, you’re matched with random people nearby via the app’s “shake to chat” system. The app allows you to talk with random people that you may not ever chat with on a swipe-y dating app. Plus this will allow you some exposure to people who might usually skip over you due to age. However, you can always swipe through people if you want to! You can choose to start a chat now or leave a comment so that you’re bookmarked for them later.
Since it’s a random chat app, things might get weird. But at least it’s free to use! There are premium upgrades for $9.99 a month though!

2. Teen Fuck Dates
If you’re looking for an app that doesn’t allow users to “judge a book by its cover,” then you should definitely try this app!
Taffy lets you chat with someone before you can fully see their profile picture. Though as your conversation continues, their profile image becomes less and less blurry! So once the man – or woman – behind the curtain is revealed you already have a good idea of what their personality might be like!
While I’m sure this app will take off due to its pure motivations, it’s brand new to the scene so you might not find a lot of people in your area around you!

3. Tinder
Speaking of people in your area… Tinder is easily the best place to go if that’s what you’re looking for. Sure, you’ve probably already tried tinder plenty of times, but you might not be using it right!
If younger girls are what you’re looking for, set your age range to envelop ages between 18 and 20! This way you’ll only get matched with people in that age range.

4. Yubo
This app feels like a slightly less random version of Omegle video. This style of app is apparently popular with younger people! (Just be careful as the age limit is 12 and up!)
This app allows you to swipe through profiles and then chat via live video. This app also has cell phone verification to keep the bots away, which might be really helpful if you’ve found your match queues in other apps cluttered with fake profiles!

5. Social Media… duh!
In my opinion, dating apps are only dating apps when we decide they’re dating apps!
So why can’t Twitter or Facebook or Instagram be a dating app! Go on your explore page, and I’m sure that you’ll be able to find people that you like. Add them as a friend and slide into their DMs! Shoot your shot, my guy!