Best Online Sites for Photography

Are you looking for a new hobby? Or perhaps you want to elevate your Instagram game from early 2000’s emo kid to something more relevant?

Let’s be real, all art school will leave you with is mountains of debt and a pretentious attitude. The best way to learn how to take your photography game from 0 to 100 is to cruise the internet. So, cut out the middle man and use the wealth of free information circulating the internet to your advantage.

If you aren’t looking to break the bank or aren’t looking to go full Annie Leibovitz with photography, your best bet is to look online at these three websites for some free and valuable information about the craft.


Check out this YouTube channel for everything you could possibly need to know about photography. They feature video tutorials, gear reviews, and interviews with some fantastic photographers.

They also include videos on how to use photography skills in a practical manner by using photos to sell things such as art and clothing online.

They also take the time to debunk myths about photography and stereotypes. If you want to know what experts think about photography, gear, and the world surrounding the artform than you should definitely check out this YouTube channel

Plus, they have videos called Photography 101. In this series, they literally give you a crash course in Manual mode, lighting, focusing, you name it!

If you’re a visual learner, this is the route for you.


This site is the hub for Scott Wittenburg’s Photography 101 project. He does podcasts on photography which feature how-to instruction on how to do things like shoot silhouettes, how to make photo collages, and introductions to Lomography.

Additionally, he features little assignments in his posts so that you be motivated to use what you’ve learned. He posts assignments from courses he teaches at actual universities.

This guy provides you with a wealth of information that you would ordinarily be paying thousands of dollars for if you decided to go to art school.

I highly recommend checking this guy’s site out, especially if you’re busy as you can listen to these podcasts while you’re on the go.


This site features multiple articles on how to be a photographer. One of the most helpful one is their beginner’s guide. The break down the basics with subheads and even use infographics to help you better understand the concepts their teaching you.

When you go onto the site they want to send you a free video, however, it is unclear if they will use your email to harass you about becoming a member which is paywalled.

While they do offer premium content, their free content is wildly helpful and you don’t really need to pay through to get some valuable information.

If you are both a visual learner and like to have things spelled out for you than this site will be extremely helpful to you. They explain how cameras work so that you don’t feel like you’re jumping in the deepened.

Check out the video below for more on photography!