3 Dating Struggles For Hot Women

It’s easy to think that the hot women have their dating life under control and every man at the tip of their fingertips but it quite the contrary. When attractive women go back to the drawing board whether they’re newly single or dating around, it’s hard to differentiate the men that are clearly horny or sincerely looking for an honest connection.

1. Seen As An Object:

Yes, we do show our assets by wearing tight pants, dresses and revealing tops showing our pushed up breasts but it’s for our confidence, not your attention. I’m speaking for the majority of the women that live on planet earth for themselves not eye candy for horny, drooling guys that say and do anything to get us into bed with them.

We do have feelings and lots of them, but when you’re a little too hot for your own good, it’s easy to be placed in a “sex object” category where you’re other characteristics are pushed aside, as long as you look good.

2. Plain Dumb:

How could you possibly be that gorgeous and still have time to be smart and hold an intellectual conversation? It seems like it’s impossible for men to understand that although women can keep up with their personal hygiene and cosmetics, it doesn’t deter her from pursuing a successful career or studies.

I know we have a bad wrap, especially blondes, for being hot and dumb but that is such a weak stereotype that needs to be shut down immediately. Not too sure why it’s hard to take pretty women seriously when they’re addressing serious matters like they should be just shopping for makeup and cute outfits all day?

There’s so much more to the women that keep up their physical appearance; it’s not a crime to hide the fact of their lack of academic potential. But understandable to try and find a flaw in a beautiful woman because it can be way too intimidating to approach someone with looks and brain, but it is possible fellas.

3. Too Easy or Too Hard:

If you’re too attractive, then men think that you probably get around because how could guys not be lining up down your street in front waiting to take you out and show you the world. WRONG. The majority of the hot women have a lack of attention due to all the assuming that their phone is blowing up so why should you even bother?

Or it’s the complete opposite where men think that they have no chance in hell with her because she knows she is hot shit and probably has way too high of standards. There’s nothing wrong with having guys jump through a few hoops before taking him seriously.

There is such a thing where good looking women are capable of having a natural and functional relationship where they get to know someone in all aspects before taking things to the next level.

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